The D.R.E.W. (Discovering Recreation & Exploring Wildlife) Foundation (a non-profit organization) was founded for the purpose of providing handicapped persons with resources and abilities to discover and enjoy the experiences in nature that they have previously only been able to dream about.  The inspiration behind the formation of The D.R.E.W. Foundation is a very astonishing and amazing young man by the name of Drew Foster.

Drew is a true boy and loves pretty girls, hunting, fishing and basketball. Drew loves and excels in school, and looks forward to learning.  Brittle bone disease dictates that he hunt with a cross-bow, which he has mastered very well.  Since he became of age and completed hunter’s safety, he has successfully hunted for deer and turkey. He was honored when a picture of the buck he bagged in Allegan County a couple years ago took first place in the 2010 Buck Photo Contest.

We, at D.R.E.W. Foundation, are proud to have been a part of these successes and to see Drew's dream of being able to hunt with his Dad come true.  We also look forward to assisting others to achieve their outdoor dreams as well.  Our goal is to enable individuals to participate in outdoor activities that they have previously only dreamed about, but felt the possibilities were extremely limited, if not impossible.

Drew, along with his parents, has spent much of his young life raising money to help others.  Drew participates annually in a bowl-a-thon at Colonial Lanes in Flushing, MI where he has been the top fund raiser for several consecutive years.  He served a long stint as Michigan’s Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network where he met and impressed countless people, including dignitaries, along the way.  Drew’s tenth birthday party was an event that was used to raise toys and necessary items for children in the NICU and ICU wards at Hurley Hospital in Flint, MI. Drew unselfishly asked guests to bring items for others rather than himself.  This alone is a true testament to Drew’s nature and personality.

If you were to meet this young man you would become a better person by simply knowing him.  He has made a huge impact on countless numbers of people and he lights up a room!  His giggle is infectious and his love immeasurable.  There’s no other way to put it than:  Drew simply sparkles.  He loves life and he’s not afraid to live it.  Along the way, he’s helped his parents abandon their fears.  He may break his arms or break his legs, but you’ll never break Drew’s spirit!